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Cirencester’s History and Archaeology There is an excellent summary of the Town’s history on the Town Council’s website  Local  bookshops and the Bingham Library will  yield more detail, as will our extensive  publications. The library has a list of books  about Cirencester, and a collection of local  material, but there are still subjects not  well covered, giving you plenty of scope for  exploration. A good starting bibliography, as well as good guide to the town is in:  CIRENCESTER A History and Guide, Jean  Welsford, 2nd Ed rev Alan Welsford 2010.  This is rumoured to be out of print but Alan  Welsford may be able to supply a copy. It is  available as an e-book for Kindle.  The Corinium Museum on Park Street  displays our past very well.    
We hope you like our revamped website Do let us know if anything does not seem to work, or if you cannot find what you are looking for. We have more pages, but differently arranged, so much of the previous information is still here. If you get lost there is now a sitemap, which can be found from all pages. News items will usually be on this page. Feel free to hover over and click any picture to see what happens.  
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We are sad to report the death of Norah Hartland, who in her younger days was a keen member of the Turnpikes group with her husband John, who died some years ago. There are a number of reports of the turnpikes studies in our publications. We also report the death of Peter Roberts. Peter was our treasurer for some years and earlier a member of the turnpikes group. He was also a keen cyclist and had recently re-learnt how to ride a tricycle, as he was having difficulty balancing a bike.  
Research Help There is a list of other local societies websites on our Sitemap Page. If you are keen to delve into some historical research you will find lists of Primary Sources and Secondary sources, with justification for these categories on the web pages of the County Society, Gloucestershire Local History  Society. This website has all sorts of other aids as well as lists of most societies in the County, whether or not they are members. Our own contacts page also contains useful advice. Breaking News... David Viner will be responsible for the Turnpikes input to the Victoria County of Gloucestershire volume for this area, which should encourage him to bring together our Society Members work in this area for publication (for which the Society received a grant from CDC some years ago).  
Entertainment / learning Help You can find links to various local and not quite so local museums on our Policies page. This list will change from time to time as there are many such organisations.  
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Major Bannatyne and his Memorial Staircase Simon Fielding of Rendcomb has provided detail of Major E J Bannatyne’s military career before his death in an aircraft training accident at Rendcomb airfield during the Great War. He is listed on the North Cerney War Memorial, although he was from Croom in Ireland.  More> The Oak staircase in Cirencester Memorial hospital is a memorial to him, provided by his family. We hear this week that the local plan proposes that the hospital site is used for housing. See CDC website for more information on the local plan. Simon has also suggestions about two of our “missing names”. If you can help solve these mysteries do contact us.  
Rebecca Powell I had included a picture at the top of a page, reputed to be of Rebecca Powell, the benefactor of Powell’s School and much else besides. At the recent Croome Lecture, held in Cirencester Parish Church,  it was pointed out that the picture, a photo of a bust in the church, is not the right bust. My picture had a ruff, and Rebecca Powell’s in the Garstang Chapel does not. It would be quite difficult to get a good picture of the correct bust as it is high up, with a screen restricting a long view. Does any reader have a good picture we could use? if so contact is here  I have removed the incorrect picture. Powell’s Educational Foundation has a description of Rebecca’s life.  
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